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Empowering older adults, creating awareness of falls risk factors and providing guidance to prevent falls.

Kinesis Balance - Measure your balance and prevent falls

Smartphone based machine learning algorithm

Kinesis Balance is a smartphone application for remote monitoring and self-assessment of balance and falls risk.
Using machine learning algorithms combined with questionnaires and wearable or smartphone sensors, Kinesis Balance provides reliable assessment of balance and falls risk in the home.

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Kinesis Balance: Discover how to perform a balance test at home

Kinesis Screen™ - Self-screening for falls risk

Kinesis Screen™ is a free and fast online tool, using simple questionnaires and machine learning algorithms to identify falls risk.
Create a free account to keep track of your results and get access to personalized advice and exercises.

Questionnaire based machine learning algorithm

Discover how Kinesis Screen™ can help you identify risk of falls

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