Kinesis Balance™

Smartphone self-assessment of balance and falls risk

Kinesis Balance - home assessment of balance and falls risk

Smartphone application to empower older adults to main their balance and prevent falls

Our secure Android application uses the sensors embedded in a smartphone along with simple questionnaires to track balance and falls risk over time using our advanced machine learning algorithms.
Our products engage, empower and motivate older adults to prevent falls and are backed by twelve years of research.

Reliable profiling of balance and fall risk

Kinesis Balance can be used for self-assessment of balance and falls risk in the home environment.
Data are automatically compared against a large age and gender matched reference data set.

Smartphone sensor based machine learning algorithm
Questionnaire based machine learning algorithm

Track clinical fall risk factors

A simple questionnaire coupled with a data-driven machine learning algorithm tracks the most common clinical fall risk factors.

Intuitive, user friendly design

Easy to use solution, designed for older adults, patients and their carers to help maintain healthy balance and prevent falls.

Intuitive, user friendly design
Digital endpoint for clinical trials

Digital endpoint supporting remote clinical trials

The Kinesis Balance algorithms are validated and suitable for use as digital endpoints for clinical trials.
Kinesis Balance is GDPR and HIPAA compliant with no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) stored.
Data are securely backed up in our cloud with raw and calculated data available for export and offline analysis.

What is Kinesis Balance™?

Scientifically validated

Scientifically validated

Over 12 years of dedicated
scientific research has gone
into developing Kinesis products

Fast and efficient

Fast and efficient

Smartphone assessment of balance and falls
risk using a simple balance test in less
than 2 minutes

Accurate measurement

Smartphone algorithm

Validated machine-learning
algorithm to accurately assess
balance impairment and fall risk using a smartphone

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